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About Railside Citrus Insurance Agency

Auto, home, life and business insurance: a curated experience

Elburn Insurance Agency
Carefully chosen insurance companies and thoughtfully presented solutions - Railside Citrus Insurance Agency offers a curated insurance experience.

We have done the work, we have vetted the insurance companies, and we can take you straight to the insurance experience you've been looking for.

You will not find cliches within our four walls, only sincerity and innovation. If you have been searching for an elusive customer experience that is truly unique and connected, we may be the right choice for you.

The Name: Railside Citrus Insurance Agency

RaIlside Citrus Insurance Agency

Like us, our name is unique!

The “Citrus” in our name is a play on words, speaking to the fresh approach to insurance we deliver to our customers. We are here to protect the fruits of your labor.

The "Railside" in our name represents the location of our Elburn and Naperville offices which happen to be near railroad tracks, and our St. Charles office which was once a railroad station.

The History

Railside Citrus Insurance Agency is a boutique insurance agency. We were founded by and remain locally owned by agent Dave Broz. He opened the business in downtown Elburn, Illinois in 2015. The office continues to serve customers to this day, alongside two additional locations in Naperville and St. Charles.


Dave Broz opened Railside Citrus Insurance Agency near the Union Pacific Railroad tracks in downtown Elburn, Illinois. The office continues to serve customers to this day.


Dave opened a second location in Naperville which is also conveniently situated near railroad tracks, echoing the theme of our Railside Citrus name.


A third Railside Citrus Insurance agency location was opened in St. Charles in 2023. That building also holds historical “railroad” significance. This location, also known as the Osgood building, formerly served as a railroad station until a Chicago Great Western Railway train derailed and struck it in 1915. It seems fate has aligned us with our railroad-inspired identity!

Learn more about this historic building on the St. Charles History Museum web site: Historic Walking Tour — St. Charles History Museum.

What do we do?

Why choose a small, boutique agency like us?

  • Personalized attention
  • Flexibility
  • Intimate customer service
  • Specialized knowledge
  • Customized insurance policies
  • Access to top tier insurance companies
  • Education, classes and workshops
  • Local ownership
  • A relationship with an insurance agency that reinvests in clients and communities

The Locations

Elburn, IL

109 N Main St, ElBurn IL 60119 - Suite B

The Railside Citrus Insurance Agency Elburn location was the first office opened. It is still in operation today as a hybrid office. Reach out to us today if you would like to meet here in person. We would love to see you!

Located downtown in Elburn, we are just above Schmidt’s Towne Tap, just a stone’s throw away from the Union Pacific Railroad.



Naperville, IL

800 W 5th Ave, Naperville, IL 60563 - Suite 108B

Our second insurance agency office is located in Naperville. This location serves as our main office and is staffed daily.

Our Naperville office is located in the 800 Corporate Center, alongside the BNSF Metra line and just a few blocks from Downtown Naperville.


St. Charles IL Insurance Agency

St. Charles, IL

11 E Main St, St. Charles, IL 60174 - Suite 101

Located on Main Street in the heart of downtown St. Charles, IL, our newest office is located inside the Fox.Build Makerspace & Coworking space, right across the street from City Hall. This building once served as a railroad station.

Also operating as a hybrid office, this location is where we host Railside Citrus Insurance Agency podcasts.