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About Railside Citrus Insurance Agency

Auto, home, life and business insurance from an agent who puts your needs first

Carefully chosen insurance companies and thoughtfully presented solutions: we offer a curated insurance experience.

We have done the work, we have vetted the companies, and we can take you straight to the insurance policy you've been looking for. We want to make sure that what you're looking for is what you get.

Do you need a thoughtful insurance agent in your life? There are advantages to working with an insurance broker who cares about your unique needs. Let us work for you and help you secure your future.

What is a Boutique Insurance Agency?

A Boutique is a small, sophisticated insurance agency that provides exclusive business offerings and customized services that you will not find in a typical Main Street insurance agency or a large brokerage.

Railside Citrus Insurance Agency is an Elite Boutique Insurance Agency that offers only personalized attention and tailored services to our clients, who are typically successful and best-in-class themselves. The quality of our service and client relationships makes us the ideal partner for the top tier of insurance companies, allowing us to deliver our exclusive business offering: an intimate customer experience paired with the financial security that only the best insurance companies provide.

We offer a wide variety of insurance and risk management solutions to businesses across many sectors of the economy, but we also have specialized expertise in niche areas such as Fire Districts, Contractors and Manufacturing.

You will not find cliches within our four walls, only sincerity and innovation. If you have been searching for that elusive customer experience that is truly unique and connected, then we may be the right choice for you.

What do we do?

Why choose a small, Boutique agency like us?

  • Personalized attention
  • Flexibility
  • Intimate customer service
  • Specialized knowledge
  • Customized insurance policies
  • Access to top tier insurance companies
  • Education, classes and workshops
  • Local ownership
  • A relationship with an insurance agency that reinvests in clients and communities

Our History

Fresh from the very beginning


Our Name tells the story

Our name says it all. The “Citrus” in our name is a play on words, relating to the fresh approach to insurance we deliver to our customers: we are here for you, and only you.

Locally owned independent insurance agency, representing a wide variety of insurance companies and programs.

We understand that insurance can be complicated and confusing, and that a sincere and complete customer experience is hard to come by. We have all the experience you need, and we have successfully helped hundreds of clients just like yourself.

In business since 2015


Founded by and locally owned by agent Dave Broz, we opened for business in downtown Elburn, Illinois in 2015.

We started out in the office space above Schmidt’s Towne Tap and we’re still there today, just a stone’s throw away from the Union Pacific Railroad.

Still growing

As we grew, we opened our second office in Naperville in 2019. Our Naperville office is located in the 800 Corporate Center, alongside the BNSF Metra line and just a few blocks from Downtown Naperville. Stop in and see us some time!