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How to help reduce your home insurance rates

Smart ways to cut down your home insurance costs. Want to trim down your home insurance expenses? These savvy strategies can help you lower your insurance rates without compromising on coverage: Compare and Contrast Don’t spend hours on the phone shopping different insurance companies, we do that for you! Our team specializes in getting quotes from different providers, which can mean… Continue readingHow to help reduce your home insurance rates

The Pros and Cons of Hiring an Insurance Agent Who Answers the Phone

There are a few things to consider when hiring an insurance agent. There are so many insurance agents to choose from, and you only want the best. Many people don’t even know where to start! We’re here to help. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if hiring an insurance agent who answers the phone is the… Continue readingThe Pros and Cons of Hiring an Insurance Agent Who Answers the Phone

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How to work with us

Working with us is easy. We’re here for you, and only you. We want you to feel like the important things in your life are protected. That’s called peace of mind. We’ll show you different insurance companies and their products, explain how the policies work and help you pick the best one. And once you are working with us, we’ll… Continue readingHow to work with us

Insuring Additions & Renovations to Your Home

During spring and summer, people begin making additions or renovations to their home. If your remodeling project will add to the value of your home, don’t forget to update your insurance! You want your insurance to accurately reflect your property’s value. Are you renovating a room, adding a deck, or building a shed? No matter the type of project, we… Continue readingInsuring Additions & Renovations to Your Home

Plan Ahead for Your Spring Break Travel

The spring break travel season is coming up and we want to help make sure you’re prepared for your trips. We can’t help you decide what to pack. We’re here to help you with the ins & outs of protecting yourself while on vacation. Let’s chat about it! Rental Car Insurance If you’re renting a car for vacation, reach out… Continue readingPlan Ahead for Your Spring Break Travel

How do I maintain my gutters?

Fall is an important time of month for home maintenance. Falling leaves and other debris can create hazards to your home, and especially to your gutters. Gutters that are getting clogged with debris can lead to larger issues in the winter including ice damming and dangerous icicles. Don’t forget to look at the downspouts and where they’re releasing water. Pooling… Continue readingHow do I maintain my gutters?