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Traffic fatalities rise again in 2021

The US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released their estimates on fatalities due to traffic crashes for 2021, and the news is unfortunate: 201936,096 traffic fatalities 202038,680 traffic fatalities   202142,915 traffic fatalities   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHTSA estimated that vehicle miles traveled decreased by 430.2 billion miles in 2020, compared to… Continue readingTraffic fatalities rise again in 2021

Insuring Additions & Renovations to Your Home

During spring and summer, people begin making additions or renovations to their home. If your remodeling project will add to the value of your home, don’t forget to update your insurance! You want your insurance to accurately reflect your property’s value. Are you renovating a room, adding a deck, or building a shed? No matter the type of project, we… Continue readingInsuring Additions & Renovations to Your Home

Plan Ahead for Your Spring Break Travel

The spring break travel season is coming up and we want to help make sure you’re prepared for your trips. We can’t help you decide what to pack. We’re here to help you with the ins & outs of protecting yourself while on vacation. Let’s chat about it! Rental Car Insurance If you’re renting a car for vacation, reach out… Continue readingPlan Ahead for Your Spring Break Travel

Posting Your OSHA 300A Forms

A couple of reminders for those businesses required to post OSHA 300 logs every year: The OSHA 300A form needs to be posted from Feb 1st – April 30th. Injury Tracking Application | Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( The OSHA 300A form needs to be submitted to OSHA online by March 2nd, 2022. Not sure if your business is subject to… Continue readingPosting Your OSHA 300A Forms

Is your Mod accurate? Why does it matter?

You may already know that your Experience Modifier (aka your “Mod”) plays an important role in the price you pay for workers’ compensation. You may have even found the line item on your policy and seen its direct impact on cost. But behind the scenes, the Mod has significant impacts on underwriting and other intangibles, which we will explore in… Continue readingIs your Mod accurate? Why does it matter?

New Year’s Resolution: Call Your Insurance Agent!

What are your goals for 2022? However big or small, now is the time to take stock of things and set goals. What new adventures lie ahead in the new year? Maybe your teenager is learning to drive, you’re buying new jewelry, or you’re booking that dream vacation. It doesn’t hurt to check in with your insurance agent to make… Continue readingNew Year’s Resolution: Call Your Insurance Agent!

Gift Cards & How to Use Them

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If you are not sure what to get your friends and family this holiday season, gift cards are a great alternative. Here are a few things to consider when purchasing one. Gift cards have an expiration date. Use it before you lose it! It’s painful to find that old gift card in your wallet, only to realize the expiration date… Continue readingGift Cards & How to Use Them

Insuring Your Snowmobiles & Trailers

Snowmobile season is almost here and if you haven’t reviewed your policy recently, now is the time. It’s important to know your limits when purchasing snowmobile coverage. Your policy will be set with a limit, the maximum amount to be paid out in the event of a claim. When choosing limits, make sure you purchase enough coverage for losses to… Continue readingInsuring Your Snowmobiles & Trailers

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month! The goal is to raise awareness about important cybersecurity issues that threaten us. It’s an issue of personal accountability and being proactive in protecting your personal data. If you’re a business owner, this issue expands to protecting your personal data, the data of your employees, and the data of your customers. We’re sharing a few… Continue readingCybersecurity Awareness Month

What kind of insurance should I get for my pet?

Our insurance companies have great pet health insurance options for you. These plans can reimburse you for eligible veterinary expenses including injuries, illness, and testing. Pet health insurance policies can help cover some cost of medication as well. Every animal is different. The cost of your premiums will vary based on the animal and the breed. For an estimated, try… Continue readingWhat kind of insurance should I get for my pet?