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Driving Less? Maintain Your Car

Letting your car sit can lead to bigger issues.

Here are some simple steps that ensure the longevity of your car, even when you’re not using it.

Over the last year, many of us have been using our cars less frequently. Even if that is not the case, these are some beneficial tips to help you avoid issues. These tips come from our insurance partner Chubb. If you’re driving less, be sure to contact us about usage-based insurance.

Don’t let it sit too long. Try not to let your car sit for more than two weeks. Going for a short 20-minute drive will help keep your car’s engine in good shape.

Top off the fluids. Check the oil, transmission fluid, break fluid and fuel ever month. The oil and fuel can separate if the car sits too long, leading to engine problems. Driving the car can help circulate the fluids and prevent damage to your engine.

Maintain tire pressure. Check your car’s tire pressure often and keep the tires properly inflated. Incorrect tire pressure will impact the car’s performance, leading to a host of other issues.

For more tips, check out Chubb’s article on “Tips for Car Maintenance When You’re Driving Less.”

If you’re driving less, be sure to contact us about milage-based insurance. We have options that could help save you money on your car insurance. Contact us today!

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