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Drone Training for Emergency Services

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Drone technology has made leaps and bounds in the last decade, and the public safety industry is increasingly integrating this technology into day-to-day operations. The National Fire Protection Association has created a FREE training program for fire department drone administrators and operators. Click on the link below to visit the NFPA’s web site:

FREE Public Drone Safety Program

Are you interested in establishing a drone program for your organization? Check out this podcast from Responder+Help, a website provided by VFIS, on what to consider when looking to start a drone program.

Drones & Other UAS in Emergency Services Podcast

Responder+Help has also provided a sample SOG for Unmanned Aircraft Systems:

Drones & UAS Operation Suggestions

Drone insurance is an established coverage option for emergency services organizations. Coverage includes repair or replacement, and general and excess liability. For questions about drone coverage or to get a drone insurance quote for your fire department or organization, contact Railside Citrus today!

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