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What does boat insurance cover?

No matter what type of boat you own, we’ve got the coverage for you.

Boat coverage can extend beyond the boat. There are options to keep your possessions and riders covered. Call us today to make sure you have all the necessary coverage before heading out on the water.

What does boat insurance cover?
A typical boat insurance policy will cover injury, property damage, and damage to the boat. Boat insurance can be personalized however you need. The type of boat, insurance for your boat trailer, and more. For more information, explore our insurance partner Nationwide, about more boat insurance options.

How do I get coverage for my gear?
Are you storing fishing gear and supplies on your boat? There are coverage options for your fishing gear and equipment, including fish finders, power poles, and tackle boxes. Check out Progressive’s page on getting coverage for your fishing equipment.

Do you need boat insurance and fishing equipment coverage in Naperville or Elburn, Illinois? Contact us today!

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