Car accidents can happen in the blink of an eye – even to careful drivers. Knowing what to do in the event of a car accident can help make the best of a bad situation.

(1) Take a deep breath

(2) Move your car to a safe area, if possible
 Activate hazard lights and/or flares
 Turn your car off
 Put your car in park and/or make sure the parking break is on
 Be sure it’s safe before exiting your car

(3) Check for serious injuries
 Call for medical help if needed

(4) Call for police

(5) Be cooperative
 Don’t point fingers
 Don’t admit guilt
 Don’t share private information about your policy coverage or limits

(6) Get the other driver’s and passenger’s info
 Name
 Address
 Phone number
 Driver’s license number
 Insurance company’s name
 Policy number
 License plate number
 Make and model of the other car
 Name of the other car’s owner

(7) Identify witnesses
 Get the contact info for objective witnesses
 This can include security camera footage

(8) Document the scene
 Be safe while taking photos
 It’s OK to use your cell phone to take pictures
 Take photos of the other car’s license plate, make and model if possible
 Take photos of damage to vehicles or other property
 Take interior photos of the car if applicable
 Photograph the overall scene and background (such as stores or mile markers)
 Capture weather conditions in photos
 Take photos of skid marks and/or debris from the accident

(9) Document other facts
 The name of the responding emergency service organization (the name of the Police or Fire Department that responded to your 911 call)
 The name and badge numbers of the responding officers
 Location of the accident
 Time of the accident

(10)File an insurance claim
 Call in your incident as soon as possible
 Your claims adjustor will help you through the process

Other tips
 Keep track of any medical expenses you may have after the accident
 Don’t discuss the incident with any other third parties without the permission of your insurer
 Keep the lines of communication open with your claims adjustor