Insurance for Fire Protection Districts and Public Entities

A Creative Approach to Insurance for Fire Protection Districts and Other Public Entities

Railside Citrus Insurance Agency specializes in insurance for fire protection districts and other government entities. Our many years of experience have taught us how to think about your organization’s exposure to risk. We know what it takes to make sure you’re covered.

Our agency won’t just write the policy and walk away. We consistently reassess your situation to make sure you have the right coverage at a budget-friendly price. Dave Broz will even attend board meetings on request to make sure we understand your situation. He’ll be there to advocate for you when you need it. Call Dave for more information about this service.

Public entities like village boards and police departments can benefit from our experience, too. We understand the budgeting process. We know what it’s like to work through public hearings and the levels of approval municipalities require. At Railside Citrus, our candid, creative and compassionate approach will change the way you think about the insurance process.

Whether you’re part of a fire district or another public entity, Railside Citrus has the experience to help you get the right coverage. As an independent insurance agency, we’re not tied to a prescribed corporate approach. First, we’ll assess your risk from all angles. Then, we’ll work with our high-quality partners to find the products that are right for you. That means we will probably find ways to protect you that other agents might not think of. And we’ll likely find ways to save you money, too.

Public entities need to be particularly careful when using online videoconferencing tools. Please read our comprehensive guidelines for safe videoconferencing for fire districts and public entitles.

Products We Offer

EMS liability insurance
Law enforcement liability insurance
Public officials liability insurance
Fiduciary liability insurance
Workers compensation insurance
Employee benefits
Cyber insurance
Bonds and crime coverage

Organizations We Support

Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts
Illinois Fire Chiefs Association
Kane County Fire Chiefs
Lake County Fire Chiefs
Illinois Fire Service Administrative Professionals
Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association
Northern Illinois Alliance of Fire Protection Districts

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