Insurance for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profits Have Unique Insurance Needs

If you’re running a non-for-profit or charitable organization, you know the risks that insurance for non-profit organizations needs to cover. There may be unique risks inherent in the work you do. If you have a board of directors, they have risks that need to be addressed. And that fundraising event you do every year? You have risk there, too. 

From its beginning, Railside Citrus has been actively involved with local non-profit organizations. Compassion is in our mission. Because of this, we have a unique perspective on your needs. Some of the products we offer are in place specifically to address those needs.

As an independent insurance agency, we’re not tied to a prescribed corporate approach. We’re able to assess your risk from all angles. And, once we have that assessment, we have a wide variety of products and companies we can shop to find the right coverage for your needs. That means we will probably find ways to protect you that you might not think of. And we’ll likely find ways to save you money by reducing coverage where you don’t really need it.

Non-Profits We Serve

Social services
Clubs and associations
Trade associations

Insurance Products for Non-Profits

Directors’ liability insurance
Officers’ liability insurance
Special event insurance
Event cancellation insurance
Insurance protection for cases of sexual abuse and molestation
Crime and employee theft insurance

Does your insurance agency share your passion for compassion?

Railside Citrus does.
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