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Welcome to your Pekin Life Insurance Proposal

Pay for Long Term Care in Your Home with Life Insurance

Have you ever thought the day would come where you would have to choose between getting the assistance you need and spending your own life savings? Most private health insurance plans will not pay for long-term care, and the coverage available through Medicaid and Medicare is extremely limited.

A combination of life and long-term care insurance through a Whole Life with Long-Term Care Rider could help ensure you’ll have access to high quality care should you ever need it – in your home or in a facility.

We thought you might like to learn more, which is why we sent you a proposal. Please reach out to us if you would like to have a conversation. Today could be just the right time to secure your future, protect your family and do something good. 

No one wants to think about the need for long-term care in their twilight years. But planning now can make a significant financial difference for your clients and their families. Click here to learn more

Are you financially prepared to cover the expenses of long-term care should you become ill or disabled, or need special medical treatment as you get older? Pekin Life Insurance Company’s Long Term Care Rider is specially designed to help pay for long-term care expenses. Click here for the FAQ.

Our Life Insurance Products

Some details about different types of life insurance policies we offer

Term Life Insurance

Affordable with locked in rates

Term life insurance is the most affordable life insurance you can buy. It is a great product for short-term needs, when you have other financial priorities.

We offer term life insurance from a variety of A-rated insurance companies. Lock in rates for a set amount of time with products like these: 

10-year term life insurance 
15-year term life insurance
20-year term life insurance
30-year term life insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

Cash value Life Insurance

Unlike term life insurance, where premium guarantees only last for a certain period of time, whole life insurance covers you from day one with premiums that are locked in as long as you keep the policy. It’s meant to be there for your “whole life.”

Universal life insurance is another form of Permanent Life Insurance that is also meant to last your entire life. Like whole life, universal life insurance policies feature other benefits such as cash value.

While term life insurance may be less expensive in the short run, permanent life insurance can be a cost-effective way lock in financial protection over a longer period of time.

Call us today to see if permanent life insurance makes sense for you:

Universal life insurance
Whole life insurance
Single premium whole life insurance

Transitional Life Insurance

A new life insurance concept

Talk with us about a new concept in life insurance: Transitional Life Insurance.

This product combines term life and whole life insurance in a single product, with payment options to fit your lifestyle.

You can even add the Long Term Care Rider. Call us today to learn more.