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Electronics Recycling

Safely dispose of your electronics and valuable data

Technology moves faster every day, leaving many of us with old laptops, tablets and other electronic devices.

We know you may be tempted to squirrel away an obsolete device and find a way to bring it back to life, but please don’t. Instead, consider recycling your old devices as a safe and environmentally friendly alternative.

Check out our helpful tips and resources below, and remember to keep cybersecurity in mind when disposing of electronic devices so that no personal information or data is leaked.  

Practice good data hygiene when recycling electronics

It’s important to protect personal and confidential data that is stored on your devices – computers, tablets, cell phones and even printers. 

Don’t compromise data on you, your business or your clients. The data could be personal, confidential, or both.

Before disposing of ANY device, wipe its memory. If you’re not able to wipe a device yourself, when recycling the device, make sure that the recycling vendor will be wiping the devices clean for you and destroying the data safely for you.

Business owners may want to consider a review of their cyber insurance coverage – reach out to us today for more information.

Where to recycle your electronics

Please take care to dispose of your old electronics safely and securely

Office Electronics Recycling

what to do with end-of-life office equipment

Whether it be an old laptop, PC, printer or phone, there are great resources to help find out what to with old electronics.

The Environmental Protection Agency has a page on how to recycle old electronics, which they have broken down by brand. It is a great resource if you have got big box electronics you are looking to get rid of.

Consumer Reports put together a great resource on how to recycle or even donate your old devices. Organizations like the World Computer Exchange or Dell Reconnect are fantastic resources too.

County Recycling Resources

Find recyclying centers Near you

Many counties in Illinois provide recycling resources for their residents. Follow the links below to learn more about what your county has to offer:

County Recycling, continued

More county recycling info

Don’t see your county here? You can visit to find your nearest recycling center.